Ways to overcome ED issues in men

overcome ED issues

It is true that as you age, your health takes a back seat and you are rather slow at everything you do. But there are plenty of ways the stay fit and energetic and this is true even with sex. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common issue with men. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be a simple one like a medication side effect or a complex one that resulted from neurological diseases, vascular disease, diabetes, surgeries, or prostate-related treatments. There are some standard and natural ways for erectile dysfunction treatment Phoenix that is quite effective. You will find out more about sexual disorders and erectile dysfunction from this complete guide.

Managing your lifestyle is one simple way to overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is believed that better health promotes better sex. Quitting tobacco, cigars, and alcohol will have a better effect on health and it works out better than any lifestyle changes. Interestingly, another simple lifestyle change would be to start walking. A study indicates that half an hour of daily walk dropped the risk of ED by 41%. For middle-aged obese men, simple exercises will restore their sexual exercises.

A balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains with reduced intake of processed, red meat, and refined grains will decrease the chance of ED symptoms. You must take care of your vascular health. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol will affect the heart, brain, and also penis. Obesity will also contribute to erectile dysfunction. You will have to consult a doctor to find if your heart health is in great shape or needs fine-tuning with lifestyle changes. They will suggest any medications if required.

A trim waistline and a slim body is a great defence mechanism. A person with a 42inch waistline will have a 50% more chance of having ED than a person with a 32inch waist. It is good to lose weight to fight the symptoms of ED. Getting into the healthy weight bracket is important, and you must also know ways to maintain a healthy weight. This will fix your erectile dysfunction issues. Obesity will increase diabetes and vascular disease, which will, in turn, increase the risk of ED. Excess fat will interfere with hormones which will cause a lot of health issues. So, you need to watch your weight.

Simple exercises and keeping yourself active will help but other exercises will help you strengthen the muscles around the penis. A pelvic floor exercise will enhance the muscles such that the penis becomes rigid while erection. Kegel exercises will also strengthen the muscles and keep the blood flow. These exercises will present a key vein that will help maintain blood flow to the penis. It is good to follow these lifestyle changes before you take a big step in the treatment, like medication and other forms of therapies. Doctors will review your condition over a week before they recommend therapy.

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