Tips to get well from painful wisdom teeth removal procedure!

If your dentist has recommended removing your wisdom teeth due to certain oral reasons like disease, infections, cavities, and overcrowding, you have to enquire regarding recovery tips. A reputed dentist in Hamilton suggests to fix an appointment before the procedure and gain sufficient recovery tips. After the procedure, you would feel like rushing to home or taking rest. You would not have the patience to make arrangements. Let us check the tips and instructions for wisdom teeth removal in the full list here.

It is common to experience pain, discomfort, and swelling after the procedure. Check out these tips to make sure your recovery and surgery go as easily as possible.

  • Watch what you are eating: After the surgery, follow a diet that consists of liquids. You can slowly add solids beginning with soft foods such as pudding. It is recommended to keep yourself away from hot and spicy foods. Do not use straws.
  • Plan: Before going for the surgery, prepare for the recovery. Discuss with your general dentist or oral surgeon regarding what to expect. Surely, they would have prepared a set of guidelines that you should follow associated with your wisdom teeth extraction. Ensure to read the entire list before the procedure and make arrangements accordingly.
  • If you are not sure about anything, you can just check with your dentist and get it done. Some surgeons recommend buying ice creams and ice packs in the refrigerator before the procedure. After the extraction, you can directly reach home and eat some ice creams to alleviate pain. Ice packs can be placed if the pain is severe.
  • It is recommended to fix surgery when you are on a holiday. Do not fix surgery during working days. This way, you can rest and relax after the surgery. Immediately going to work after surgery will be a bit stressful. If possible, you can ask someone to take care of you after the procedure.
  • Open your mouth: There are chances of stiff feeling after surgery. Due to mouth stiffness, you would not prefer to open mouth. But it is important to do. If you do not open your mouth, the stiffness would get permanent. Do it gently and slowly.
  • Take sufficient rest: No person would wish to maintain the same sick feeling for days. If you want to return to normal life quickly, you have to take sufficient rest. Though it takes a few days for you to completely recover, you have to relax and make yourself feel comfortable. Do not plan for gym or exercise for at least a week. When you do strenuous activities like heavy lifting, you may feel a bit stressed. So, wait for a week to return to normal activities.
  • Control bleeding with tea bags and gauze: Tea leaves assists in reducing pain and motivate clotting. Gently hold a piece of damp tea bag or gauze to control bleeding.

We hope you find these tips useful and simple to follow before and after the tooth removal procedure. You can also check with your doctor for more tips.

Author: Deborah Lott

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